SUMON Agency is a modeling house based in Bangkok,  Thailand. Its team consists of professionals whose forte include  but are not limited to production, fashion, beauty, editorial and  commercial arenas.

   Highly experienced and dedicated, SUMON Agency strives to  provide efficient, professional, and trustworthy services to our  clients, as well as our models.  We offer the best selection of  services to meet clients' needs in various areas of production:  fashion runways, TV commercials, music videos, magazines,  catalogues, billboard print advertising, high-profile promotional  events and fashion shoots for popular and emerging brands,    domestically and internationally.

   Our team at SUMON Agency actively seeks to discover talented  models and new faces from around the world.  We pride ourselves  on always delivering professional services.  Both our models and  our agents are cheerful, energetic, and professional.  Clients can  always expect excellent service from the SUMON agency, which  is focused of your successes.